The Law Foundation of Ontario was established in 1974, under an amendment to The Law Society Act, to establish and maintain a fund to be used for legal education and legal research, legal aid, and the establishment, operation, and maintenance of law libraries. The Law Society Act is the governing legislation of lawyers in Ontario.

The Law Foundation of Ontario is governed by a five member Board of Trustees who are appointed by The Law Society of Upper Canada and by the Attorney General for Ontario.

The Law Foundation achieves its mandate by awarding grants to organizations for law-related projects and initiatives. From its inception in 1974, The Law Foundation has given out over $100 million in grants to various organizations and individuals. During the same time, the Law Foundation gave approximately $350 million to Legal Aid Ontario.

As directed by The Law Society Act, The Law Foundation of Ontario is funded by the interest earned on monies held in lawyers’ mixed trust accounts.

Activities of The Law Foundation

Grants for Legal Aid Ontario in accordance with statutory provisions.
Grants to organizations to fund law-related projects and programs benefiting the people of Ontario.
Maintenance of a fund for future grants to assure stability for renewable discretionary grants.
Receiving interest on lawyers’ mixed trust accounts.

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